SAN Implementation

Fore A Partners holds certifications on every level of HP Storage as well as the Storage Network Industry Association. We’re highly qualified in the implementation of Storage Area Networks and disk arrays. We can design and implement your storage solution and all devices associated with your SAN or iSCSI fabric from a simple direct-attached disk solution to a complex multi-fabric SAN solution.

Disaster Recovery

We have many years experience in designing and implementing disaster recovery solutions for customers. We can write your plan and implement with several of the industry’s leading DR solutions. We have the tools and engineering experience to size the solution to work.

Blade Implementation

Blades are the hot topic of the server world today. But they are complex and can be difficult to install for a first time implementer. There are interconnects and mezzanine paths to consider, rules for interconnects and the server blades themselves. We have the expertise to implement your HP C7000 or C3000 chassis. We can even automate the auto-failover capabilities within the solution.

Linux Assessment

Don’t let your open source environment get out of control. If you’re not sure about packages, clustering or storage capabilities, then let Fore A Partners assess the environment. We’ll compare your current open source environment to the industry and we’ll recommend a sound open source environment that will cut your IT costs and will introduce leading technologies like virtualization and clustering.

Environmental Assessment

Data Center Environmental Study
Green computing is here to stay and everyone is looking for ways to conserve. Who doesn’t want to save money as well? We are experienced in hot/cold aisle DC design and we partner with the industry’s leading Data Center power and cooling company. Let Fore A Partners design your Data Center and we will bring in the tools to show you how to save money.

Storage Assessment
Wondering where all of your storage assets are? Do you really know if every server is single or dual-pathed? Maybe that’s why your application performance is lacking. We can assess your storage and analyze your architecture so you have the peace of mind in knowing that your configuration is sound and to best-practices. We provide an assessment service that will document your entire installation and provide you a run-book with all of the pertinent information you need to manage your infrastructure going forward.